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What has Al-Sisi achieved during his first 100 days as president?

One hundred days have passed since the leader of the bloody military coup, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, became president of Egypt- this is not counting the time he was ruling Egypt from behind the scenes for about a year after the elected president Mohamed Morsi was deposed. What has he achieved during this time other than selling a dream to the Egyptians and lying and cheating to reach the public, which, hypnotised by the Egyptian media, have fallen into Al-Sisi’s trap?

Before he came to power he promised them that he would not lift the subsidisations before improving their situation. However he raised the price of fuel by 80 per cent for the poor, which resulted in a rise in the prices for all goods and modes of transport. He lifted the subsidisation on the food goods that were on the ration card commodities. He also raised the prices of gas and electricity, despite the fact that there are power outages that last over six hours a day- the country has never experienced as many power outages in its entire history as it has during these 100 days. Even though Al-Sisi said he would resolve the electricity problem, when the crisis worsened during his rule he asked the people to remain patient because for it to be resolved $20 billion would be needed over a period of four years.

Al-Sisi did not have a presidential platform for us to hold him accountable to because he does not have a strategic vision to resolve Egypt’s deeply rooted problems. The man was only dreaming about ruling Egypt, willing to do anything to achieve his dream even if it is at the expense of Egypt and its development. He deluded the people and the entire world into thinking that there is terrorism in Egypt and that he is combatting it, but in reality he is trying to gain popular support. He is also doing so in order to gain international legitimacy after the coup, especially since he has the perfect opportunity now in light of the international alliance aiming to fight the Islamic State (ISIS).

At the moment he is working very hard and sparing no effort to put the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorist organisations so he can obtain financial support and international backing in his alleged war, in which he killed thousands of Egypt’s finest youth, wounded thousands and detained thousands of Egypt’s brightest intellectuals in his prisons. He also shut down many satellite networks and newspapers, strictly censoring many social networking pages, in addition to using an Israeli company to censor the internet. Al-Sisi has also gagged the mouths of the public and has made freedom of expression a crime punishable by law, including prohibiting demonstrations and sit-ins.

In other words, there is no longer any freedom in Egypt and the goals of the January 25th Revolution, including freedom, social justice and human dignity are all things of the past after Al-Sisi’s brutal coup and his iron rule of Egypt. He has taken the people back to oppression, injustice, tyranny and humiliation after the glorified revolution on January 25th 2011 rid the people of this. The Egyptian people are now living in complete darkness in the black days of Al-Sisi’s fascist rule. When will God save us from this nightmare?

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