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Al-Aqsa is being violated and the Muslims are standing idly by

Zionist soldiers have desecrated the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque with their dirty shoes. They raided the mosque in order to facilitate Jewish extremists storming the mosque and clashing with Muslim worshippers who had staged a sit-in in the mosque in order to defend it due to the complete absence of any official or popular Arab reactions. It is as if the mosque is not the first of their Qiblahs and the site of the Prophet Mohammad’s (peace be upon him) ascension. Al-Aqsa Mosque is no longer the number one priority of the Muslims and they are no longer defending it or sacrificing all that is precious to them for its sake.

The Arab rulers have plotted with the Zionist enemy in order to preserve their thrones, while the Arab masses have been distracted with their current fights against their tyrannical leaders and are focused on their revolutions which have been conspired against and stolen, which is the case in Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria. This is exactly what the Zionist enemy wanted and planned.

Meanwhile, the Zionists were encouraged to continue their plans to completely Judaise Jerusalem and dig tunnels under the pretext of searching for the alleged Temple of Solomon. If it weren’t for a handful of Muslims protecting the mosque, the most would’ve been demolished and the Zionists would have completed their plan of building the Temple of Soloman. The design is finished and ready for implementation while the Muslims are in a stupor and we do not know when they will awaken from it.

Jerusalem is the number one priority of every Muslim and liberating it is the duty of every Muslim. This issue is not only a Palestinian one that must be borne by the Palestinians alone; it must be borne by all the Arabs as well. The Palestinians should be thanked for bearing the burden of defending Jerusalem since 1967, i.e. for 47 years, by themselves and they alone acted as the wall of defence against the Zionists.

Every Muslim must play their part and assume responsibility for the liberation of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque from the clutches of the Zionists. This will not be achieved unless the other Arab countries are liberated from the clutches of the Arab Zionists who have been ruling these countries ever since Israel was implanted amongst the Arab nations. These rulers are agents working for the Zionists and therefore, they are hindering the liberation of Palestine. We must overthrow them first and this will be the great Jihad we must fight in order to liberate Palestine, which will be much easier once we liberate the Arab countries.

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