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Lebanon has stopped accepting Syrian refugees

Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Rashid Dirbas, who is in charge of Syrian refugees, said that his government has stopped accepting Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordanian newspaper Al-Sabeel reported.

In a joint celebration between his ministry and the UN High Commission for Refugees’ Affairs held on Friday, Dirbas said: “The issue of Syrian refugees moving to Lebanon has been aggravated and we found that the numbers are an imminent danger.”

He continued: “The government took a decision it would not accept any more refugees and we informed international organisations about this decision. There isn’t space for one more drop of water.”

For his part, the UN representative in Lebanon Ross Mountain said: “There is a huge burden on Lebanon because of the refugees. The international family and the UN are committed to working in order to lessen the consequences of this burden. However, local communities suffer the most.”

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