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The spy state

The great state of Egypt has become a country of spies ever since resolutions were issued encouraging students to spy on their fellow students and report them to the security services for merely opposing the regime. Such spying has been justified under the pretext of nationalism, and these students are described as being patriotic. The state has stripped those opposed to the government of their patriotism; giving the label only to its informants and spies. A journalist affiliated with the Mubarak regime and of course to the government loyal to Mubarak, Al-Sisi’s government, said that every citizen is required to become an informant.

This has made Egypt a purely “security state”, as every citizen must prove their patriotism by the state’s standards and definition of patriotism. This means that citizens should report their father, mother, brother, and friends if they are opposed to the current authority and if they consider it to be a fascist coup government that toppled the constitutionally legitimate authority and established its foundations on the ruins. What is even worse is that the chairman of one of the Egyptian universities issued a decision to fire any professor or expel any student that speaks out against Al-Sisi; a rule has been issued stipulating the punishment of anyone speaking out against Al-Sisi.

Meanwhile, the clause in the 2012 constitution prohibiting insulting God and the Prophet (PBUH) was removed from the constitution and was not included in the coup government’s 2013 constitution. This is not surprising because they have put Al-Sisi in a position higher than God and the Prophet (PBUH), God forbid! In the time of coups, all norms, standards and values are reversed and the coup takes on a language and doctrine of its own and its supporters embrace it and speak in its name.

The “tattletale” students have returned; the students who, during Abdel Nasser’s reign, would report their colleagues. However, Al-Sisi has revived these students once again and brought voluntary spies to life. These spies write reports and submit them to the security forces and are labelled by Al-Sisi as honourable citizens. He has found a way for the Egyptian people to clash amongst themselves and spread hatred and spite amongst the Egyptians in order for him to establish his rule and sit on his throne without any disturbances; the people can go to hell, he doesn’t care as long as he keeps his throne.

This is what all tyrannical dictators and despots do in order to remain in power. History is full of such tyrants who tortured, abused, humiliated and oppressed their people and they all ended up on the guillotine.

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