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Arab League calls for immediate action against Israeli violations in Jerusalem

November 3, 2014 at 2:19 pm

The Arab League has called upon the international community to act immediately to stop Israel’s continued violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque, asserting that Jerusalem is an Arab city.

In an exceptional meeting held on Sunday, As-Sabeel newspaper reported that the organisation affirmed that it holds the Israeli occupation completely responsible for the consequences of its “dangerous violations” against Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Arab League also warned that these violations undermine the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, as well as the security and safety of the entire region.

Meanwhile, the organisation thanked Jordan for its intensive efforts regarding the sponsorship of the holy sites in occupied Jerusalem, including the efforts exerted by King Abdullah II that are aimed at stopping the repeated Israeli violations.

According to As-Sabeel, the organisation also welcomed the Jordanian-Palestinian memorandum, supported by the Arab and Islamic states, asking UNESCO to monitor the Israeli occupation and its daily aggression against Palestinians and the holy sites in occupied Jerusalem.

Indeed, the Arab League stressed the importance of sending such an observer mission to document and stop Israel’s continued violations.

It also reaffirmed its decision taken on 7 September to turn to the UN Security Council, which is responsible for maintaining international peace and security, to set a schedule for ending the Israeli occupation and setting up an independent Palestinian state along the 1967 borders.