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Qatar will not offer more concessions to Gulf States

November 15, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Qatari Professor of Political Studies Mohamed al-Misfer revealed on Friday that the consultation meeting for the Gulf Cooperation Council scheduled for Sunday is to prepare for the upcoming conference of the Council slated next the month.

Speaking to Quds Press, Al-Misfer said that the meeting would discuss many of the controversial issues, including the position regarding a number of regional issues and the position of the Gulf countries towards Qatar.

“The meeting, to be held in Riyadh, precedes the summit of the Gulf-States expected to be held next month,” Al-Misfer said. “These states have many differences and this meeting is to discuss them.”

He explained: “It is not the only difference with Qatar, but they have no agreement on where the conference should be held – in Doha or Riyadh. Furthermore, the summit might be put off.”

Al-Misfer ruled out that Qatar might offer more concessions regarding the demands of the Gulf States. “Qatar has its own position. It responded to many of the demands of the Gulf States regarding sovereign issues,” he said, “but it will not offer more concessions.”

About the concessions offered by Qatar, he mentioned that it expelled many of the Islamists and banned Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi from giving Friday Khotba and from appearing on TV.

“Anything more than this would touch the sovereignty of Qatar and the youth leadership does not accept it,” he added. H stressed that Qatar would not boycott the summit under any pretext. “My view is that Qatar will never boycott any summit of the Gulf States,” he said.