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Abbas threatens to dissolve Palestinian Authority

Sources close to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have said that the politician asked the German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to pass along a serious message to Israel about his intention to dissolve the Palestinian Authority. Abbas allegedly made this statement during a meeting between the two politicians a few days ago in Ramallah.

Al-Quds newspaper quoted Palestinian saying, “President Mahmoud Abbas has grown quite angry at Israel’s continued escalations and provocations in the West Bank and Jerusalem. He told the German Foreign Minister: ‘enough is enough! Let them take the keys and manage the occupied Palestinian territories’. He is threatening to dissolve the Palestinian Authority”.

After his meeting with Abbas, Steinmeier said that the current atmosphere between the Israelis and the Palestinians does not well. The German politician said that there is currently no ground for negotiations to resume but emphasised that this is the only option that both sides have.

President Abbas previously confirmed the Palestinian Authority’s intention to go to the UN Security Council this month in an effort to reach a resolution that would end the occupation by the end of 2016.

Abbas stressed that if the US choses to veto this resolution, it will seek to gain membership in all of the UN’s organisations. If all attempts fail, Abbas expressed the possibility of dissolving the Palestinian Authority and hand over the keys of the territories to Israel as a last resort.

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