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EU Parliament to vote on Palestinian statehood

November 25, 2014 at 3:47 pm

Following symbolic recognition of a Palestinian state by several European countries, the European Parliament is set to debate statehood recognition on November 27. According to the EU Observer’s paraphrasing of a senior EU diplomat, “the pro-recognition feeling reflects ‘frustration’ that Israel is ignoring Europe on settlement expansion”. Frustration has also been expressed in “brainstorming” punitive measures against Israel – a mere consideration of recalling ambassadors from the settler-colonial state as a response to unheeded advice to stop settlement expansion.

Several condemnations by EU countries with regard to settlement expansion and the retaliatory demolishing of homes following Palestinian resistance in Jerusalem have been predictably ignored by the settler-colonial state – a reflection of the intentional futility implied within the usual issued recommendations in Israel’s regard. The EU vote on Palestinian statehood, brought forth by the European United Left and the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, is non-binding upon member states.

Ynetnews has reported alleged “fears” that the EU Parliament will vote in favour of Palestinian statehood, stating that Israel’s ambassador to the EU David Walzer has been meeting political advisors and MEPs to dissuade from the symbolic recognition. Predictably, the recent attempts at recognition have been deemed unilateral decisions that “will not help in bringing Netanyahu and Abbas to the negotiation table but will only push the two sides further away.” Israel’s opposition was also expressed by its staunch ally, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, who declared support for the two-state fabrication adding “unilateral recognition of the Palestinian state won’t move us forward”.

While both EU and Israeli reports claim that the symbolic votes reflect unease at Israel’s settlement expansion, the gesture is a recapitulation of dictates that have subjugated Palestinians to colonial and imperialist demands. According to the EU Observer, the text will reflect an adherence to the two-state conspiracy – an affirmation of denying the Palestinian right to armed struggle for liberation. The text prepared by the European United Left calls upon member states “to recognise the state of Palestine on the basis of the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as the capital”. Briefly, Palestinians are expected to comply with external political dictates that ensure continued oppression through the manipulation of legitimacy and freedom – a measure through which colonialism can be preserved and expanded departing from the usual rhetoric of equality.

The underlying implications of the symbolic recognition based upon compromise reflect and aid Israel’s colonial endeavour. Viewed historically, Israel’s obvious disregard of recommendations reflects the previous complicity of the international community’s recognitions of the settler-colonial state’s fabricated existence on Palestinian land. Ignoring recommendations – a trait cultivated within the essence of recommendations being non-binding in order to create perpetual violations, is an extension of international collaboration in maintaining a colonial presence in Palestine. Enforcing the two-state conspiracy as part of Palestinian statehood recognition ultimately exhibits the EU’s protection of Israel – blatantly undermining the purported support it claims to give Palestinians through symbolism and humanitarian aid. In this regard, the EU is consolidating what other international organisations have been practicing – a professed support for Palestine that attempts to render the colonised perpetually subjugated.

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