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Poll: Right-wing extremism predicted to increase in Israel

Right-wing Israeli political parties, including Likud, Jewish Home and Yisrael Beiteinu, are predicted to achieve 52 seats in next year’s elections according to a recent poll. This represents a nine seat increase from the current government.

Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu is to form his fourth government following an election in March 2015. According to the poll, conducted for the Israeli website Wallah, Netanyahu’s party, Likud, is likely to achieve 23 seats alone, while Jewish Home is predicted 17 and Yisrael Beiteinu 12.

On the other hand, centrist parties such as Yesh Atid and Hatnuah together have been predicted to achieve a mere 28 seats compared to the 40 seats they currently occupy in the Knesset. The main loser in the event of such a result, the poll showed, will be Yesh Atid, which stands to lose around half of its seats.

The poll also showed that the Labour party is likely to maintain its power, represented by a predicted 12 seats in the Knesset. Further predictions include 10 seats for the Kachlon party, eight for Yahadut Hatorah, eight for Shas, and five for both Meretz and Hatnua. The two Arab parties are predicted to achieve only five seats between them.

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