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Legal Team call on UN to conduct an investigation into President Morsi's detention

December 5, 2014 at 5:14 pm

Press Statement
Date: 5 December 2014
Release: Immediate

The international legal team who represent deposed Egyptian President, Dr.Mohammed Morsi, have called on international organisations, including the United Nations, to commence an immediate investigation into the circumstances of his detention and trial.

President Morsi’s international legal team is led by former UK Director of Public Prosecutions Lord Ken Macdonald Q.C. and includes prominent international lawyers Rodney Dixon Q.C. and Tayab Ali.

The request to the UN follows the release of leaked audio recordings, which confirm beyond doubt the illegality of President Morsi’s detention and cast serious doubt onthe allegations against him.

The recordings appear to contain admissions by senior members of the military regime that President Morsi’s detention was illegal and that the regime would have to fabricate evidence in order to ensure his case was not thrown out of court.

The recordings capture officers claiming that they could take any steps, including the fabrication of evidence, in order to ensure that President Morsi remained in detention.

Tayab Ali said: “This recording, if confirmed, reveals the full extent of the military regimes deception. My clients have always maintained that there was no lawful basis for the coup or the subsequent steps taken against the FJP and its members.
It is imperative that an independent investigation takes place as a matter of urgency in order to determine whether there was a conspiracy of the nature detailed in these recordings to overthrow Egypt’s first elected civilian.

The Egyptian Prosecutor should release President Morsi immediately. “Rodney Dixon Q.C. said: “The Egyptian military regime has shown itself to be unwilling and unable to hold a credible inquiry into the events following the coup. Inlight of today’s leaks, it is now vital that the international community intervene inthe many serious violations of human rights that continue to be perpetrated in the Egyptian military regime.

“ITN solicitors are a leading Criminal and Human Rights law firm based in London.Further details at www.itnsolicitors.comThe Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom & Justice Party is advised by Tayab Ali, LordKen Macdonald QC and Rodney Dixon QC