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Israel attempts to undermine EU vote on Palestine Statehood

December 6, 2014 at 2:15 pm

Israeli foreign ministry has been working to undermine a vote on recognising Palestinian statehood in the European parliament, Anadolu Agency stated on Friday.

Israeli Radio was quoted by Anadolu as saying that the Israeli Ambassador to the EU in Brussels David Walzer stated, “I have been contacting the different parliamentarian blocs of the EU ahead of the vote to recognise the Palestine State this month.”

The EU parliament postponed the vote, which was due to take place on November 24, to December 18. The EU members were to vote on the recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Walzer said that he has been working to encourage the EU to drop the whole bill or to minimise the majority that such a vote might achieve in the EU parliament.

Israeli TV Channel One said that the political circles in Israel are worried about the increasing recognition the Palestinian state has been getting by EU parliaments.

Meanwhile, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz accused the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of causing a global siege on Israel through his policies.

A number of European parliaments have called for the recognition of the Palestinian State, starting from Sweden, which already recognised the Palestinian State at the end of October.

The Israeli foreign ministry had previously described the EU recognition of the Palestinian State as a “damaging” measure to the peace process.

EU countries have been feeling disappointed that Israel is continuing its expansion and building new settlements in the occupied Palestinian lands of the West Bank, which the Palestinians want to construct their future state.