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UK, Canada embassies in Cairo remain closed

December 10, 2014 at 4:55 pm

The embassies of the UK and Canada in Cairo remained closed yesterday in spite of the Egyptian authorities’ compliance with the embassies’ security requirements.

A spokesperson for the British embassy told the Anadolu Agency that the decision to suspend the embassy’s public services is still valid for a third day.

The spokesperson, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added that the embassy is still holding talks with Egyptian officials to increase the security precautions provided for the embassy and its staff members so as to be able to resume public services at the embassy as soon as possible.

When asked about whether the embassy has retreated from its decision after security measures around the embassy have been increased, the official declined to comment, saying that the embassy can only do its best to ensure its security and that of its staff, and that the embassy is grateful to the Egyptian authorities for their cooperation.

The Canadian embassy remained closed for the second day due to security fears.

Egyptian foreign ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel-Aty told Anadolu that Egyptian security authorities are in contact with officials from the two embassies and have listened to their remarks about the security procedures adopted to protect embassies.

“We have complied with logical requirements. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in contact with officials from the two embassies to discuss whether their requests have been answered, in which case there should be no problem,” Abdel-Aty added.

“Contact continues. We also continue to call for things to be settled so as to avoid negative implications for investment and tourism in Egypt.”

The Egyptian foreign ministry had clarified earlier that the UK embassy’s decision to close is a precautionary security measure.

The deputy director of Cairo’s investigation bureau Essam Saad told Anadolu that security forces have been reinforced within the embassies’ proximity.

“The general situation is reassuring in case anyone thinks about threatening the two embassies’ security,” he added.

Yesterday, the German embassy in Cairo announced that it would suspend its services from tomorrow.