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Iraq's Sadr orders his militia to prepare for anti-ISIS jihad

Iraqi Shia cleric and head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr yesterday ordered his Peace Brigades to prepare within 24 hours for jihad against the Islamic State (ISIS) attacks.

ISIS recently gained control of areas and villages around the city of Samarra.

Iraq's Al-Sumaria news website reported Assistant Jihadist, Abu Doaa Al-Issawi saying: "Given the exceptional conditions and imminent danger to the sacred city of Samarra from the legions of terrorists, our leader Al-Sadr has ordered the Peace Brigades to prepare within 24 hours for jihad."

Al-Sadr is expected to release a direct military order in another statement.

On Wednesday, the city of Samarra witnessed the killing of 10 members of the Iraqi security forces and the wounding of eight others as violent clashes broke out between security forces and elements of ISIS in the Mkeshifah and Azzalayah regions.

Several elements of the security forces were also killed while others were wounded in two suicide bombings in the Bodor region, north of Samarra.

In June, Al-Sadr announced the formation of Peace Brigades to defend the holy sites. He said: "I cannot stand idly by or remain silent as we see danger threaten our holy places, therefore we are fully prepared to coordinate with government agencies to form Peace Brigades to defend our sanctities on the condition that they follow direct orders from us and not from any government agency."

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