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10,000 French Jews expected to move to Israel this year

Some 10,000 French Jews are expected to migrate to Israel this year, government estimates revealed.

The figures come after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his government intends to attract more Jews from Europe who are “facing a terrible manifestation of anti-Semitism”.

According to the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, the recent attacks in Paris which lead to the death of a number of Jews, have shaken the Jewish community in France and this will drive more Jews to move to the settlements.

The official data published by the Prime Minister’s Office on 23 December last year indicated that 23,000 newcomers emigrated to Israel and the areas it occupies in 2014, an increase of 36 per cent compared with 2013.

In a written report the office said: “6,655 people from among the immigrants came from France in 2014 compared with 3,293 in 2013.”

Netanyahu also announced that a special ministerial crew will be formed this week with the aim of increasing immigration to Israel from France and other European countries.

The Jewish Agency published on its website that there are approximately 1.5 million Jews in Europe, including about 600,000 who live in France.

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