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Sisi: 'If Egypt collapses, millions of ISIS members will storm the world'

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi has warned that “if Egypt collapsed, millions of ISIS members would storm the world,” AlMesryoon reported yesterday.

The online news site reported the Head of the Egypt Youth Party Ahmed Abdul Hadi saying that Al-Sisi met with 15 Egyptian parties and spoke “frankly” about several issues including the Egyptian state and the danger of the Islamic State (ISIS).

According to Abdul Hadi, Al-Sisi said that Egypt had been prepared to be “slaughtered” before the June 30 revolution which ousted the freely elected President Mohamed Morsi, but the Egyptian people “succeeded to save it in a way that surprised the world”.

The statement also said that Al-Sisi had warned that “millions of ISIS members would be born if the Egyptian state collapsed”. He said he told the Americans and the Europeans about this danger.

Meanwhile, a presidential statement was issued about the meeting. It said that Al-Sisi spoke about the future of Egypt and the challenges it faces.

During the meeting, the statement said, Al-Sisi assured the parties of the ability of the Egyptian army to “regain stability” in Egypt.

He also affirmed his interest to develop Sinai and western Egypt.

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