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Egyptian TV: Brotherhood are the White House's masters

A presenter on Egyptian TV has said that the Muslim Brotherhood are the funders of the White House and that they are its "masters and the ones who control it".

The presenter's comments came after he read a report about an American strategic research centre saying that the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the White House. The presenter commented saying: "Penetrated it? They are its masters."

The guest hosted in the programme laughed at the US president, ridiculing him and likening him to a cat. The presenter commented saying: "A cat whose tail is stepped on."

Transcript of the video:

Presenter: Have a look at this other report. According to Akhbar Al-Yawm [newspaper] US strategic research centres say the Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House. In a quick remark, Mr Khalid, what does it mean to say they have penetrated when they are the masters of those who are inside the White House and they are the ones who fund them and spend on them. So what's new? 'And Obama supports the Islamists to change ruling regimes in the Middle East' [reading from the newspaper].

Guest: "Now, now" also? Will he "now, now" again? Do you remember in January 2011 when he said "now now now now now" and went on "now-ing". Is he going to "now now" again? Let him pay attention to himself.

Presenter: His tail is now stepped on.

Guest: Let him just care about himself. Let him safeguard the seat under him.

Presenter: We are almost there. It is getting closer.

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