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The suffering of Palestinians seeking family reunification

February 6, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Since the establishment of the state, Israel’s policies have been based on racism in all of its aspects. They crystallise in many issues and are aimed against the indigenous Arab population. The most recent example is the idea of the “Jewish state”, which implies the further expulsion of the Palestinians from their homeland under the pretext of maintaining the racial purity of the nation. This is what Israel has sought to do since its creation in Palestine; it has also thwarted all efforts made for Palestinian refugees to exercise their right to return to their land and reunite with their families.

When the Zionist Jews occupied a large part of Palestine in 1948, they displaced and expelled over 750,000 Palestinians. In 1967, the tragedy was completed, as Israel occupied the rest of Palestine and displaced about 400,000 more Palestinians. Since then, Palestinian families have been trying to reunite inside and outside the borders of historic Palestine. The first attempt at family reunification was by those who had been displaced to return to live with their families who stayed within the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948.