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Egypt's Nero burns his country

The leader of Egypt’s coup stood proudly amid his supporters, including politicians, decision-makers, and intelligence and media agencies that flow in and out of his office. “I will not hold you back from avenging the officers and soldiers who were killed in Sinai,” he said. “You chose to go down my path and I will not die alone.” Minutes later, his media mouthpieces and supporters called on the people to pull out their knives, saying it is either “us” or “them”; that’s how one TV presenter put it, while another called for the killing of civilians and anyone promoting the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. “I want to see blood,” said yet another, while a fourth called for the destruction of Sinai. This crazy thirst for blood continued to be broadcast by the media outlets and no one stopped them.

Unfortunately, there are no longer any wise men in power to curb this craziness in Egypt. The leader’s calls and incitement for civil war were clear and explicit. It wasn’t essential for him to turn the people against the Brotherhood and get them to take to the streets and burn and kill all those opposed to the brutal, fascist regime, but he did it. The coup leader is trying to escape like the murderer Bashar Al-Assad, who turned the people’s revolution into a civil war in which Syrians are killing their fellow citizens. Now Egypt’s Killer-in-Chief is calling on fellow Egyptians to kill each other in order to save himself at the expense of their lives. He will then be able to enjoy life amongst the ashes after the country is burned to the ground.

That’s right: Egypt’s Nero wants to burn the country after burning the hearts of millions and fragmenting the social fabric of the Egyptian people, splitting them into two camps. You either support him, in which case you will be popular; or you oppose him, in which case you won’t be. It doesn’t matter if you were in opposition from the beginning of the coup or have just woken up to the cruelty and injustice of the regime and turned against it. Either way Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi will turn his media dogs on you for being with the “others”, who are killed on the streets or tortured to death in prison.

Egypt must be saved from its home-grown Nero who wants to burn the country and its people so that he may stay in power, even if this means the ruin of the nation. The Egyptian people must wake up. Tyrants do not distinguish between supporters and the opposition; everyone is a slave in their eyes, to be commanded or killed at will. They live on the skulls of their own people and it is a dangerous path down which Al-Sisi is walking. The man is bent on killing and annihilating his opponents in order to rid the world of them but, unfortunately for him, they won’t just disappear, no matter how many are killed. Instead, they are multiplying, day by day. Thus will God defeat all arrogant unjust sinners.

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