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More than 2,600 Palestinians killed in Syria

As many as 2,663 Palestinian refugees have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the civil war, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria revealed yesterday.

In a press release, the group explained that the crises in the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp are worsening due to siege imposed on the camp for nearly two years.

167 the number of days Palestinians in the Yarmouk camp have been without water

The group noted that the camp has been without water for 167 days and without electricity for 677 days.

According to the group the camp suffers from a severe shortage of food and medical equipments which led to the death of 167 refugees as a result of hunger and lack of medical care.

At least 27,933 Palestinian refugees fled Syria and arrived in Europe in the past four years while 80,000 Palestinian refugees fled to neighbouring countries including Jordan which received 10,687 refugees, Lebanon which received 51,300 refugees and Egypt which received 6,000 refugees, according to UNRWA statistics.

The group noted that the regime’s army continues to prevent people in Hosseinieh refugee camp from returning to their homes after nearly 499 days while the people of Al-Sabina refugee camp have been unable to return to their homes for nearly 468 days.

The group also said that the entire population in Handarat refugee camp were displaced 670 days ago, after opposition groups gained control of the camp.

The Daraa refugee camp has been without water for 314 days and 70 per cent of its buildings were destroyed, it said.

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