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EU missions denounce Jewish settler attacks on mosque and church

February 28, 2015 at 12:04 pm

The European Union’s diplomatic missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah have denounced recent attacks by extremist Jewish settlers on Muslim and Christian religious sites in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, it has been reported by Anadolu.

In a joint statement, the missions cited recent attacks on a Bethlehem mosque and a Greek Orthodox seminary in West Jerusalem. They said that such religiously-motivated “hate crimes” would contribute to the instability in the region. Officials called for investigations to be launched forthwith.

Such attacks are carried out by extremist Israeli Jewish settlers against Palestinian Muslim and Christian properties in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories under the “price tag” slogan; they are, it is claimed, the price to be paid for trying to make peace.

The Israeli police usually say that they will carry out investigations when these attacks take place. To date, however, not a single settler has ever been prosecuted for what are very serious crimes.