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New Sisi leaks exposes UAE support for military coup

Egypt's Mekameleen TV channel released a new leaked audio recording exposing how the UAE supported and funded the military regime in Egypt and helped them and other civilian movements to stop the Arab Spring there.

The audio recording reveals an alleged telephone conversation between Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi's office manager, General Abbas Kamil, and UAE Minister Sultan Al-Jaber in which Kamil asks Jaber to send new funds to support the army after the central bank refused to grant monies to the army.

Kamil also spoke about an agreement with the United Arab Emirates which, it appears, allocated 50 per cent of the Emirati financial aid to the Egyptian armed forces.

The leak is believed to date back to 14 January.

In a second part of the recording, Kamil is heard speaking to former army spokesman, Ahmad Ali, saying that Al-Jaber expressed his displeasure with the Egyptian journalist Abdul Rahim Ali who owns Bawabah news site which is also funded by the United Arab Emirates.

According to the Emirati minister, Abdul Rahim criticised former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi revealing that he had also received financial support from the UAE.

Kamil is also heard speaking with Defence Minister Sobhi Sudqi urging him to make sure nothing about the army's plans is leaked and to transfer 200,000 Egyptian pounds ($26,200) from the fund sent by the UAE to support the Tamarod movement.

Finally, Kamil tells Sudqi that "a delegation from UAE will arrive on Tuesday with Tony Blair on secret visit and will meet with [army Chief of Staff] Mahmoud Hijazi and [Foreign Minister] Nabil Fahmy the military council."

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