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New Sisi leak reveals more on Dahlan’s role in Libya

March 13, 2015 at 10:58 am

Libya’s Panorama channel aired another leaked audio recording purports to reveal more about the role dismissed Fatah member Mohammed Dahlan played in the unrest in Libya.

In the recording, aired yesterday, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi’s office manager Abbas Kamel is heard revealing that Dahlan, accompanied by three people, will secretly visit Libya on a private jet.

In the recording, Kamel is heard recommending a military official allow Dahlan to leave the Libyan airport in secret, noting that Dahlan has already caused a problem for the Egyptian authorities because he travels upon orders from the UAE which monitors all his movements.

Kamel also warned that Ahmed Gaddaf Al-Dam, the cousin of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who lives in Egypt, may be harmed adding that Egyptian authorities are cooperating with Gaddaf Al-Dam for his protection.

The first part of the recoding reveals an alleged phone call between Kamel and military council member Mahmoud Hijazi, in which Kamel provides Hijazi with Dahlan’s flight information to Cairo with a Libyan person named as Mohammad Ismail Ahmad Ismail who worked as a security advisor to Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the late Libyan leader.

Ismail fled to the UAE after the Libyan revolution and works with Mahmoud Jibril and Dahlan in the UAE to monitor the situation in Libya.

In the recording Kamel is heard mentioning Dahlan mockingly and referring to him as “that person!”

Kamel is also heard giving a man named Husam Dahlan’s flight number and the names of those travelling: Mohammed Ismail Ahmed Ismail, Mohammed Khalid Idris Dahlan, Saleem Sheikh Musa Mahmoud Al- Sheikh and Mohammad Yusuf Shakir Dahlan.

Kamel noted in the recording that a security vehicle will escort Dahlan and his companions and arrange their meeting with Hijazi the next day.

In the third part of the recording, Kamel is heard talking to Al-Sisi about a report which recommends monitoring the situation in South Africa and Ahmed Gaddaf Al- Dam.

Kamel is heard saying that Gaddaf al- Dam is in some sort of cooperation with someone and “we need to locate his place of residence”.

The recording also reveals Hijazi saying: “They are not against us, they are against the situation in general and these are the people who want to change Libya.” Al-Sisi replied: “Change what?” and Hijazi answered: “they want to remove the Muslim Brotherhood, so we will hear what he has to say and tell him nothing.”

Following this Kamel added: “But we did not meet this Haftar,” to be interrupted by Sisi who tells Kamel to meet with “Gaddaf Al-Dam because he is important politically”.

Kamel tries to point out that Gaddaf Al-Dam “has important details”, he is interrupted by Al-Sisi who says that “he wants money”. Hijazi adds: “Yes, which would open other portals for us.”