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Are there no wise men left in Egypt?

Many Egyptians are asking this question; Egyptians who are reading the current political scene in their country through eyes devoid of any partisan or political affiliation or any bias towards one side over the other. They only see it through eyes full of love for Egypt and its people.

Since the brutal and bloody coup of 3 July 2013, Egypt has been slipping into one downward spiral after the other, and is now on the edge of the abyss in need of someone to reach out and save it from falling and drowning. The latest leak, known in the media as the 70-minute leak, reveals the fact that Egypt is being governed by a gang, hyped up on Tramadol that came up with a conspiracy, funded by the UAE, and called it the Tamarod movement. They worked with the army and war intelligence in order to execute the “June 30th revolution” and called it a popular revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood.

We all know the repercussions of this malignant conspiracy plotted by the military council, led by the coup-leader and treacherous defence minister, against the Egyptian president and the ordinary Egyptians who appointed him. The coup leader not only conspired against the president, but he also conspired against him own people and buried their revolution, thus aborting their nascent democratic experience in order to seize the reins of power in Egypt and continue the looting and theft of Egypt’s wealth and resources.

Everyone was aware of his intentions, but all we needed was the proof that came out of their own mouths. This revealed to all, near and far, that the so-called “June 30th revolution” was nothing by an intelligence stunt funded by Arab counties, blessed by America and the EU, welcomed by Israel, and promoted globally. God wanted to expose them for what they have done before the eyes of the world. What is most surprising is the fact that members of the corrupt elite who were in denial and participated in preparations for the coup continue to be in denial even after being forced out of the scene. These same people prefer to be slaves to the military authority rather that live with freedom and dignity, but they claim instead to be liberals demanding a civilian state.

All those who participated in the deceptive scene on 30 June and 3 July are behind bars, either in prison or under house arrest in their own homes after the military no longer required their services. They were disposed of and are in a position where they cannot say anything out of fear that Al-Sisi’s media mouthpieces would reveal them for the traitors and spies that they are.

This regime loves to live in scenes and snapshots. It was revealed in the leaks that the military wanted to stage a scene, before Al-Sisi was nominated for presidency, in which Al-Sisi is perceived as capable of resolving the housing crisis in Egypt and that an Emirati official would announce the construction of one million housing units in coordination with the army. In the leaked phone call, Al-Sisi’s chief of staff said that: “we will make it so it appears as if the contract was signed with the armed forces, who in turn will look like they were solving the housing crisis.” These housing units were supposed to be ready around this time, but God wanted to expose them and the CEO of the Emirati construction company withdrew from the project only days ago before taking any serious action in the construction.

They are selling illusions and lies to the Egyptian people, just like they sold the lie of the “kofta cure” for Hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes, and all other major diseases. This corrupt, fascist, coup-led government is driving Egypt towards loss and destruction; is there anyone who can save us from this inevitable fate if we continue down this path? Is there anyone who can save Egypt from the clutches of this coup? Are there no wise men left in Egypt?

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