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Far-right Dutch MP calls on EU to let 'jihadists' travel to Syria and Iraq

March 28, 2015 at 2:51 pm

The far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders has called for European countries to allow “jihadists” to travel to Syria and Iraq, Anadolu has reported. The leader of the Party for Freedom told a press conference in Vienna that the policy of having travel bans on Muslims wanting to go to the two Middle Eastern countries is “the most stupid thing and should be changed”. He appeared with his counterpart from the Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian.

“If the jihadists want to leave, let them go,” he said, “[but] never let them return… Either you prevent them from leaving and jail them, but if you do not, I’d rather have them commit a crime in Syria or any other country, not in my home.”

Wilders called for the reinstatement of stricter immigration controls on the EU borders in order to prevent asylum seekers from entering Europe. He pointed out that more than 600,000 asylum seekers arrived in the EU last year.

Austria’s foreign minister criticised Wilder’s visit and lecture in Vienna. Sebastian Kurz insisted that this was made on the basis of freedom of speech and not just because Wilder is an extremist.

“The lecture will lead to continuous partition of society,” said Kurz. “However, anyone who does not violate the criminal law has to have a place in a democratic state even if we do not like him.”

Kurz reiterated the importance of reinforcing the dialogue between the West and Islam via the UN. He stressed the urgent need for coexistence among people of all religions in Europe in order to minimise the amount of fertile ground under the extremists’ foot.

Several other popular and official leaders in Austria have criticised Wilders’ visit, calling it an invitation for people to hate Islam.