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Hamas in the mockery of the Egyptian judiciary

Since the brutal military coup in Egypt, the media outlets have resorted to demonising the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas. They accused them of storming prisons with canons and machine guns and allowing the prisoners to escape, as well as looting the contents of the prison during the January 25th Revolution. They were also accused of killing protestors in Tahrir Square, as well as killing the policemen and soldiers in Sinai, in addition to numerous other accusations.

According to the media, they are basically behind any disaster in Egypt. It even reached the point of the pro-coup journalists calling on the coup-led government to militarily intervene in Gaza to eliminate Hamas. One journalist even saluted Netanyahu on his recent attack on Gaza and wished him luck in his attack.

All the tables have been turned in Egypt since the coup and the compass has been directed in the wrong way. The nation’s historical enemy has become a friend, ally and blood brother, despite the fact this is the enemy we should be fighting against.

This is the new situation imposed by the coup in Egypt which has pleased Israel, especially after the coup-led government’s judiciary ruled in favour of labelling Hamas a terrorist organisation. Joy spread through Israel and Israel used this move as evidence that their position of classifying Hamas a terrorist organisation is valid. Israel also used this as proof that it was not fighting the Palestinian people, rather it was fighting terrorism and it urged the international community to follow in Egypt’s footsteps and classify Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

This measure sparked the anger and wrath of the Arab and Muslim nationals who have not been corrupted and brainwashed by the Egyptian media and who view Hamas as the pride and glory of the Arab nation. Meanwhile Hamas valiantly and courageously fights on. However, we are in a time during which the tables are turned and resistance is considered shameful, treacherous and a form of terrorism, while submission and surrender is considered a virtue.

Due to the fact that the Egyptian judiciary has been politicised and takes its orders directly from the coup leader, who dictated the ruling regarding the classification of Hamas as a terrorist organisation, an appeal judge has now been given orders to cancel this ruling. Now Hamas is no longer considered a terrorist organisation.

What type of judiciary issues rulings based on the desires of a leader? Why has the coup leader changed his position on Hamas? Because the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz firmly warned against the ruling and because Saudi Arabia is the source of the coup leader’s funding and the reason behind his ability to remain in power. Therefore, the coup leader must obey his orders and correct his error against the most honourable resistance in history.

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