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Iran supports Yemeni talks in Oman

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi has said that Tehran supports an "objective" Yemeni dialogue sponsored by Oman.

During a visit to Tunis to discuss the Yemeni issue, Sarmadi said that: "Tehran is hoping to see all Yemeni political parties sitting for dialogue." He noted that no one party would be able to succeed in ruling Yemen alone.

"Victory in Yemen could only be achieved when all partners of the political process in the country work together," he said.

Sarmadi condemned the military strikes against Houthi militias, who stormed government offices across the country, and called for an immediate halt to the strikes in oder to permit humanitarian assistance to the country.

"These strikes cannot be justified by attempting to return the country's president, who fled after destroying the country," he said.

In addition to Tunis, Sarmadi visited Oman and Iraq to discuss Saudia Arabia's Operation Decisive Storm. An Iranian official passed a message to the Omani Sultan calling for him to help stop the Saudi-instigated strikes.

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