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Al-Barghouti: BDS targets policies not individuals

The campaign to boycott Israel targets the Israeli government’s policies not individuals, Qudsnet reported the Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative Mustafa Al-Barghouti said.

The Palestinian official reiterated that this campaign would continue as long as there are settlements and Judaisation of Palestinian lands, noting such a campaign has two dimensions: national and global.

“On the national arena, the campaign undermines Israeli production abilities and gives more work opportunities for the Palestinian youth,” he said.

“While on the global arena, it isolates Israel and this is clear in the light of the increasing solidarity with the Palestinians,” he said, “this is a main factor to change the international balance of power which is siding with Israel.”

Al-Barghouti stressed that who is forming the government is not important, the important issue is what the government is doing.

“The upcoming Israeli government will be refusing the establishment of a Palestinian state,” he said, “and it will continue apartheid and Judaisation policies.”

The official said he doesn’t see a difference between the secular liberal Israelis and their extremist right wing counterparts.

“Both refuse Palestinians’ right to return, Jerusalem to be a capital of a Palestine state and support settlement and land appropriation,” he said.

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