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Israeli soldier who killed a fleeing Palestinian child to be indicted for 'negligent act'

Israel’s State Attorney Office will indict an Israeli soldier for committing “a reckless and negligent act using a firearm” in the case of Samir ‘Awad, a Palestinian boy shot dead in Budrus more than two years ago.

‘Awad was killed by Israeli occupation forces in January 2013 at the location of the Apartheid Wall in his West Bank village. He was initially shot in the leg, then shot in the back while fleeing the soldiers.

Human rights NGO B’Tselem responded to the decision by describing it as “a new low in Israeli authorities’ disregard for the lives of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.” The disparity between “the grave action and the minor offence”, the group added, “is incomprehensible and outrageous.”

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