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Algeria reiterates its right to develop nuclear energy

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra reiterated yesterday the right of the member states of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to develop peaceful nuclear energy, Quds Press reported.

In the Ninth NPT Review Conference held in New York, Lamamra said: “Algeria reiterates the inalienable right of state members of the NPT to develop and use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, in conformity with Article 4 of the NPT.”

He added: “For Algeria, the non-proliferation is the responsibility of all state members of the NPT, whether they are nuclear or non-nuclear countries.” He considered this a “fundamental element in reaching the ultimate goal, namely the complete removal of nuclear weapons.”

The minister also stressed that there was no need “to add new commitments to state members of the NPT, who do not have nuclear weapons, except those set out clearly by the agreement.”

Lamamra reiterated that his country is fully aware of the importance of preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, which is “one of the three pillars of the NPT and a fundamental support to efforts aimed at eradicating nuclear weapons.”

He said that the NPT “limited the possession of nuclear weapons to a specified number of countries, including the five nuclear states members of the treaty.”

Meanwhile, he stressed on the importance of maintaining the International Atomic Energy Agency as an independent body and not to “politicise” its work in order that it remains professional.

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