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Tunis asks Libya to explain killing of journalists

Tunisia's Secretary of State for Arab and African Affairs, Al-Tohamme Abdouly, said on Thursday that the way that his country was informed about the two Tunisian journalists killed in Libya failed to meet diplomatic norms, Alamonline.net has reported.

The foreign ministry said that Abdouly met with the acting representative for Libya in Tunis to express his government's disappointment at the "embarrassing" way in which it had been told of the killings. According to the head of the department of information at the ministry, the secretary of state requested further clarification of the issue.

A spokesman for the temporary Libyan government, Hatem Al-Utaibi, said on Thursday that Libyan detainees had recognised the killers of the two Tunisian journalists, Sifyan Al-Shorabi and Nezar Al-Qatari. No further details were provided.

Images by Anadolu Agency.

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