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Syrian coalition: Geneva a key to any political solution

May 19, 2015 at 10:56 am

Member of political board of the Syrian coalition Anas Al-Abda expressed his sadness that the Syrian revolution, like other issues in the region, is paying the price because its goals do not match those of America in the region.

Speaking to Quds Press, Al-Abda said that the Syrian coalition considers Geneva I a key factor in the political solution in his country.

“The general commission of the Syrian coalition stressed in its last meeting that it would not take part in the discussions being made by the UN Special Envoy to Syrian Staffan de Mistura,” Al-Abda said.

“We commissioned lawyer Haitham Al-Maleh to send two messages – one to De Mistura and the other to the UN secretary-general,” he said, noting that Al-Maleh was asked to explain the reasons why the coalition is unwilling to take part in the discussions and its views on how a political solution can be attained.

Al-Abda said that the coalition was not pleased with the mechanisms the discussions made adding that it believes this will not lead to a political solution for the crisis.

“We objected to the invitation sent to Iran as it does not recognise Geneva I, which will be the basis of the discussions,” he said. “Additionally, Iran is taking part in the aggression on the Syrian people through its militias which help the regime forces.”