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Undisclosed meetings between Libyan rivals in Tunis

May 23, 2015 at 11:12 am

Representatives of the two main Libyan rival militias ended a series of meetings that took place in Tunis, Quds Press reported credible Libyan and Tunisian sources on Friday.

These were the first of their kind between Fajr Libya militias, adherent to the parliament in Tripoli, and Al-Karama militias, adherent to the renegade Libyan Colonel Khalifa Haftar who controls the city of Tubrok.

Quds Press said that the sources asked to remain undisclosed, but reported that they reiterated three meetings between the rivals between Tuesday and Thursday. The sources also said that the Tunisian authorities knew about the meetings, which took place in the Tunisian capital.

“The two sides agreed on several common stances ahead of halting mutual fighting in Libya,” the sources said. “They initially agreed to form a national agreement government and carry out parliamentarian elections.”

According to the sources, the meetings were friendly and included food and beverages. The sources also said that the two sides agreed to hold similar meetings in Libya very soon.

Quds Press says that no solution for the crisis in Libya could be reached without the agreement of these two sides, in addition to the Shura Council in Benghazi.