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Egypt is the laughing stock of the world

The coup regime in Egypt continues to insist on making that great country, in all its civilisational and strategic glory, the laughing stock of the world. The people wake up on a daily basis to a new scandal or farce taking place in our beloved land, which will soon no longer be considered great. It has become cursed; cursed with the blood of its innocent citizens flowing in its streets, which were, once upon a time, pure and clean.

Only one day passed after the farcical death sentences were issued against the legitimate president of Egypt and his companions before a new scandal surfaced. The free world condemned and rejected these vindictive death sentences that were made in the context of a fabricated case, spun together by the sick and rotten imaginations of the coup leaders. It was shocking to find that on the very next day, six of Egypt’s greatest youth were executed in the “Arab Sharkas” case; they were sentenced to death three months ago. The six young men were arrested before the incident for which they were tried had even occurred; some were detained a year before, some months before, and one was arrested before he was 18.

There are official reports filed at police stations and courts by their families reporting their kidnapping that prove this. Their lawyers found out that they were detained in Azouli military jail and being subjected to the most brutal forms of torture. All of these papers and documents were presented to the military judge, but he did not consider these documents or pay them any attention. The sentence was issued by the coup leader and the judge’s job was merely to read it out to the court.

What makes the matter even more farcical and shameful is that the day after their execution, the Administrative Judicial Court issued a ruling to re-open the case. These young men were killed and have left this earthly life, but the courts want to re-try them. Too late; they are with a just God now and He will avenge them.

Just as the coup leaders involved Palestinian prisoners in President Mohamed Morsi’s fabricated case, they did the same in the fabricated case of these young men who we consider to be martyrs. Why, though, were they executed with such haste? Death sentences normally take years to be carried out. Why did the authorities choose that day in particular to carry out the executions; the day immediately after a death sentence was issued against President Mohamed Morsi and 128 Muslim Brotherhood leaders? What is the message they were trying to send to the Egyptian public?

Perhaps they are trying to create fear and panic as they demonstrate their seriousness about executing the symbols and icons of the Egyptian revolution? Are they saying that the Egyptians have no other choice but to submit to them and their diktats otherwise they will suffer the same fate as those hanged or shot? Like the engineering student who was kidnapped by the police from the university examination room, before the eyes of the university administrators, his fellow students and his professors, before being shot and killed, then thrown to the side of the road.

The most important achievement of the January Revolution is that it broke the sense of fear in the hearts of the Egyptian people. The coup wants to restore that fear. Will Al-Sisi’s gang be able to do so, or is this nation, which tasted the sweetness of freedom and breathed its fresh air, going to prevent the coup from achieving its goals? The true challenge at the moment is that the playing field is equal and that it is a battle of wills. Whichever side’s will is stronger will be the inevitable winners.

History has taught us that the will of the people is always stronger because they are usually right when they stand up for justice, and God always stands with those who are right and just. The coup leaders can kill and execute us, but they will not break our will. They can go their way and we will go ours; ours is the way to freedom, dignity and pride. We will complete our revolution, the 25th January Revolution, and we will be victorious in eliminating this brutal coup and fascist rule.

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