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Aswany insists on remaining in Egypt

Alaa Al-Aswany, the well-known Egyptian novelist and has said that he is coming under increasing pressure much more than during the Mubarak era, media sources reported on Friday.

“Newspapers, which used to publish my views, have stopped,” he said, “and TV stations, which used to host me, have also stopped.”

Speaking to the French newspaper Le Monde, Al-Aswany said: “until now, I insist on remaining in my country, and I will never keep silent.”

He continued: “Of course, I supported the intervention of the army because we were on the verge of a civil war given that millions of people were on the streets and there was no parliament to oust President Mohamed Morsi. Hence the army carried out its duty.”

At the same time, however, he said, “I have never called for Al-Sisi to become president.”

The renowned novelist said he believed that the revolution would eventually win. He compared the situation in Egypt today to that of the early period of the French Revolution, which was dominated by bloodshed and fear. Ultimately, it succeeded and the doors of freedom were opened to all.

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