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Jordanian Islamists condemn additional loan from US

June 8, 2015 at 11:31 am

Jordan’s Islamic Action Front has condemned Amman’s third loan deal with the US on the basis that it increases the national debt and actually aggravates the economic crises, Quds Press reported on Sunday. While there is no prospect for repaying such loans, the group said, no new deals should be agreed.

The US announced on 31 May that it would grant loan guarantees to Jordan for $5 billion as part of its pledges towards economic stability in the kingdom. The economic difficulties facing Jordan are exacerbated by hosting 600,000 Syrian refugees.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Action Front expressed deep sadness over the “full government silence” over the “violation of the ethical values and principles of the country throughout the US-sponsored gay celebration” organised in Jordan. Such events in an “Arab and Islamic” country are a “flagrant abuse” of its leaders, people and society loyal to its moral standards.

In a statement, the Islamists called on government officials to bear their responsibility regarding moral and society security and not to afford legal coverage for people who act in violation of the country’s values and constitution.