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Lebanon puts more pressure on Palestinians from Syria

Palestinian refugees from Syria have been warned against leaving the confines of the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain Al-Helwa in Tyre, Lebanon except for urgent necessity because they might be arrested by Lebanese Public Security services, Quds Press reported.

A report issued on Thursday by the Task Group for the Palestinians from Syria stated that the Lebanese campaign against Palestinians from Syria is still active at all security checkpoints across Lebanon.

The warning was issued following the arrest of a number of Palestinian refugees from Syria by the Lebanese security services under the pretext of expired residency permits.

According to the Task Group, the Lebanese security services intentionally keeps or delays the renewal applications for residency permits.

Meanwhile, Hamas called for the release of 14 Palestinians from Syria who were arrested at the checkpoint at the entrance of Ain Al-Helwa over having no residency permits.

Yasser Ali, the Hamas official in charge of Palestinian refugees, noted that the increasing restrictions put on the Palestinian refugees might lead to tension at any moment, stressing that this would negatively affect the stability of the camp.

Ali called for the Lebanese government to put an end to this problem via an official decision considering Palestinians from Syria “refugees”, which would mean they do not need to have a residency permit to reside in the country.

“They are not visitors or tourists who come to enjoy Lebanese attractions in order to have residency or visiting permits”, Ali said, “but they entered into Lebanon fleeing war and death. They are refugees under all international conventions related to refugees.”

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