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Ramadan reflections in Gaza a year after the war

Israel did not spare nearly 300 mosques from its airstrikes during last summer’s assault on the Gaza Strip. The conditions of the mosques ranged from the complete destruction of 73 and the partial destruction of 205.

These numbers indicate that about a quarter of Gaza’s mosques were subjected to violations. This has impacted worshipers in the Gaza Strip, 99 per cent of whom are Muslim. This is especially true during the holy month of Ramadan, as many Muslims retreat to mosques to read Quran and pray the nightly Taraweeh prayers.

The situation is a sad look into the reality of the mosques transforming from beautiful buildings to a plastic room held up by metal rods and covered by a nylon roof held down with wires.

This image can be seen in every neighbourhood in Gaza. Despite this, worshippers insisted on decorating these plastic and nylon mosques and hanging Ramadan lanterns and lights in celebration of this holy month.

The Palestinians are growing more determined to rebuild the mosques in order to hear the call to prayer echo in Gaza after the occupation’s planes tried to silence them.

Images by MEMO photographer Mohammed Asad.

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