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Israeli professor: IDF killed one of its own soldiers to prevent Gaza capture

A prominent Israeli professor, and author of the Israeli army’s code of conduct, has claimed that Israeli soldiers killed one of their own in order to prevent a capture in Gaza last summer.

Prof. Asa Kasher, of Tel Aviv University, said that he could not give any details of the incident, but confirmed that there is a “solid base” to the story.

According to Kasher, the death was the result of a misunderstanding of the Hannibal Directive, a secret protocol for responding to a suspected abduction which is frequently reported to allow for the use of lethal force even at the risk of the abductee’s life.

During ‘Operation Protective Edge’, the HannibalDirective is confirmed to have been used in Rafah on August 1, when Israeli forces committed atrocities in an attempt to prevent the capture of missing soldier Hadar Goldin.

Kasher made the remarks on Wednesday at a rabbinical organisation’s conference

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