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Palestinian politics to see re-emergence of the Third Way

The Third Way political party, headed by Dr Salam Fayyad, is to make a comeback onto the Palestinian political stage, sources close to the party have revealed.

The party, which disappeared from the Palestinian arena after it contested the legislative elections in 2006, will return to Palestinian politics to contest any future elections.

Party leaders held a series of meetings recently in Ramallah and Hebron to discuss the party’s ability to reactivate its platform and return. Some observers believe that the party’s intention to make a comeback could be one of the reasons why the Palestinian Authority sparked a controversy over Fayyad’s non-profit development organisation, Future for Palestine.

In exclusive remarks to Quds Net news agency, sources revealed that the Third Way’s members have decided to return to work on the agenda of the party’s platform so as to attract the Palestinian people and mobilise people to enable the party to contest the next election.

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