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Sweden grants temporary asylum to 40 war crimes suspects

A report by the Swedish Migration Agency has revealed that the government in the Scandinavian country has granted temporary residence to 40 asylum seekers who are suspected of having committed war crimes in Syria and Iraq. The suspects do not want to return home as they fear that they will be killed if they do.

Asylum expert Magnus Bengtsson noted that although war crimes suspects who seek asylum come to Sweden using false identities, the Swedish authorities have uncovered their real identities after thorough investigations. He pointed out that the people in question have not been sent back to their country because they risk getting killed or tortured, and “some” have been given temporary residence permits.

In a related matter, Swedish state television has claimed that hospitals in Sweden have treated 301 citizens who were injured in Syria and Iraq after joining the ranks of Al-Nusra Front and Daesh.

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