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Iraq Turkmen protest Abadi’s abolition of human rights ministry

The head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Arshad Al-Salehi yesterday called for a decision to abolish the Ministry of Human Rights to be called.

Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi issued a decree to abolish the Ministry of Human Rights chaired by Turkman minister Mohammed Mahdi Al-Bayati.

Ministries closed by the Iraqi PM:

  • Human Rights
  • Women’s Affairs
  • Provincial and Parliamentary Affairs
  • State

In remarks to Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, Al-Salehi said he supports “Al-Abadi’s anti-corruption campaign, but he should not have downgraded the human rights ministry,” stressing on the need for Turkmen to be to represented even with one minister in the new cabinet.

Meanwhile, Vice President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, MP Hassan Turan, said he fully opposes an Iraqi government without a Turkmen representative noting that “every Iraqi government since 2003 has included a Turkmen representative but Al-Abadi has gone against this tradition.”

He added that now, more than ever, Iraq is in need of a human rights ministry.

“The Iraqi Turkmen are demanding the return of the Ministry of Human Rights, or for Al-Bayati to be given another ministry in the government,” he added.

On Sunday, Al-Abadi abolished 11 positions and ministerial portfolios reducing the number of his cabinet from 33 to 22.

“Al-Abadi ordered three positions of deputy prime minister to be abolished and downgraded four ministries including the human rights, women’s affairs, provincial and parliamentary affairs and state ministries,” a statement by his office said.

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