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Abbas confirms resignation from PLO Executive Committee

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday confirmed that he has resigned from the PLO’s Executive Committee along with ten other members, Palestinian news agency Safa reported.

In a meeting with Polish journalist visiting Ramallah to take part in the 10th conference of the Polish media in the PA’s headquarters, Abbas said: “The executive committee is the government of the State of Palestine.”

He added: “The committee represents all the Palestinians inside Palestine and outside it. We need to activate it, so, I filed my resignation,” adding that the Palestinian National Council is to convene within a month.

“Right is on our side and we are calling for peace,” he said of the peace process. “We are ready to resume peace talks when settlement stops. Then, we are content with what international legitimacy gives us.”

He renewed his refusal of “violence and terrorism.” He said: “We achieved observer membership in the UN and we are looking forward to achieving full members in the UN Security Council. But we want to achieve all of this peacefully.”

He stressed that he does not need more than a state on the Palestinian lands occupied in 1967.

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