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Palestinian teen loses eye after being shot by Israeli rubber bullet

Eighteen-year-old Palestinian Mohamed Barqan yesterday lost his eye after he was shot by an Israeli soldier with a rubber bullet in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan, Safa news agency reported.

Mohamed’s father said that his son underwent surgery on his eye while he was handcuffed to the hospital bed. He also said that doctors used metal plates to reconstruct his face which was crushed by Israeli forces after he was wounded.

He added: “My son was trapped, handcuffed and had his legs chained in the ambulance until he was admitted to the hospital. He is banned from family visits while in hospital and is in a serious condition.”

Mohamed had previously been shot in the leg by an Israeli soldier eight months ago when he was taking care of his cattle in the Wadi Yasoul neighbourhood in Silwan. Two years ago, he was beaten by extremist Israeli settlers in Al-Jarrah neighbourhood in Jerusalem.

Lawyer for Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights Mohamed Mahmoud visited Mohamed in hospital and confirmed that he has been arrested.

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