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Saudi warns its citizens regarding financial dealings with Egyptians

The Saudi embassy in Cairo has issued a statement warning Saudis regarding financial dealings with Egyptians after the killing of a Saudi woman and her daughter by an Egyptian in Al-Menya, Almesryoon reported on Friday.

The Saudi woman was lured by an Egyptian driver, who had worked for the Saudi family in Kuwait, telling her about an investment opportunity in Egypt.

But, when the Saudi woman travelled to Egypt with her daughter on August, he killed them, with the help of four of his relatives, and stole one million Egyptian pounds from her.

The Saudi embassy felt that it was necessary to issue such warning statements after the disappearance of another Saudi woman in Cairo just one week after the first murders.

Egyptian security investigations into the killing showed that the Egyptian driver named Abel-Tawwab sought the help of his wife and her brothers in the killing of the Saudi woman and stealing her money.

The driver, the investigations showed, had bought a villa costing 500,000 Egyptian pounds and divided the rest of the money among his relatives and himself.

Later on, one of the relatives disagreed about his share of the stolen money, and reported the crime to the police.

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