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Iran bans American goods

The Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade decided yesterday to ban the entry of all American consumer goods at a time when the country is preparing for the lift of the economic sanctions imposed on it, after signing the nuclear agreement.

The ministry wrote on its website: “In order to boost national production, it is necessary… to stop entry of American consumer goods and to prohibit products that symbolise the presence of the United States in the country.”

The decision was made according to a letter from Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to President Hassan Rouhani on 21 September, in which he called for “empowering national production and guarding against unbridled imports, especially the consumer goods from the US.”

The nuclear agreement signed in July stipulates Iran’s limiting of its nuclear programme during the next 10-15 years in exchange for the gradual lifting of international sanctions.

Since reaching this agreement, the Supreme Leader, who has a final say in strategic decisions, has expressed his objection to any attempts to get close to Washington and called for confronting the American “political and cultural infiltration”, considering it more dangerous than “economic and security infiltration”.

Khamenei also warned against any bilateral talks between Tehran and Washington regarding regional issues, especially the conflict in Syria.

On Tuesday, the Iranian leader addressed thousands of students, urging them to remain vigilant of the US, as it seeks to “stab Iran in the back” at the first chance it gets.

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