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Libyan scholar calls on UN envoy for inclusive dialogue

November 23, 2015 at 9:49 am

A member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars has called on the newly-appointed UN envoy to Libya not to exclude any of the Libyan parties from the political process.

“The political solution in Libya must be consensual,” insisted Dr Ali Muhammad Al-Sallabi, “and all the powers on the ground — including the Dawn of Libya troops, the Shura Councils as well as the tribal leaders who enjoy great respect among the Libyan people — must be included in a real national dialogue.”

Speaking to Quds Press, Al-Sallabi explained that the resignation of the national congress in Tripoli and parliament in Tobruk is the first step to a political solution in Libya and elections to establish the modern Libyan state. According to the scholar, neither institution has any legitimacy. “A solution that depends on them will not contribute to the security and stability of Libya,” he claimed.

Libya, added Al-Sallabi, needs a real peace conference that brings together all influential parties and does not exclude anyone. Relying on characters brought together by the former UN envoy, Bernardino Leon, without expanding the circle of participation “is a waste of time and effort” and comes at the expense of the Libyan people and its economy and security, he stressed.

The new UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, arrived in Tobruk on Saturday afternoon on his first visit to the country since his appointment. He is scheduled to meet with the leadership of the internationally-recognised Libyan parliament and officials in the government around it.