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Ennahda calls for national conference on combatting terrorism

Tunisia’s Ennahda Movement has called for an immediate national conference on combatting terrorism in light of the terrorism attack that occurred yesterday in the country’s capital.

In a statement issued by Ennahda last night, a copy of which was obtained by Anadolu news agency, the movement stressed the need for “a comprehensive strategy to mobilise the Tunisians and their political forces in order to eliminate [terrorism].”

In early October, Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid announced the delay of the national conference to combat terrorism (which was due to be held at the end of October), saying that the conference was postponed to allow for more coordination on the national and international level.

In its statement, Ennahda denounced yesterday’s crimes and the perpetrators. The movement stressed that it would stand by the national security and army forces in its confrontation of terrorist gangs and called for supporting these national forces and improving their abilities and preparedness.

In the same statement, the movement stressed that “national unity and solidarity are the weapons of the Tunisian [people] in the open war against the danger of terrorism that targets the lives, state, revolution, and democracy of Tunisia and Tunisians.”

“Terrorism has no future and it will be defeated. These terrorists have no relation to true Islam, a religion of peace, tolerance and brotherhood and their crimes will not affect the morale of our people or our security and military forces, nor will they hinder our people’s path towards achieving development and establishing freedom and democracy,” the movement added.

Earlier yesterday, the Tunisian presidency announced that 12 presidential security guards had died and 17 were injured as a result of a bomb that targeted the presidential bus in the Tunisian capital.

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