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Tunisia warned about repeating Egyptian and Libyan mistakes

The president of the Ibn Rushd Forum for Maghreb Studies in Tunisia has said that the country only has two options, following the attack on a government bus in the capital on Tuesday. “Tunisia can either accept the political settlement option and amend the government,” explained Kamel Ben Yunus, “or go towards further estrangement between the political and intellectual sectors to repeat the [mistakes of the ] Egyptian and Libyan models.”

He described the attack on the presidential security bus in Tunis as an act aiming to obstruct the democratic transition in Tunisia. Speaking to Quds Press, Ben Yunus said that attempts to overcome consensus among the major political forces in Tunisia are an incorrect choice.

“Compatibility between the three major political families, which include the current National Constitution current, the Islamic movement and the left-wing, is a very hard equation, of which one cannot marginalise any of the components,” he insisted. Egypt and Libya, he pointed out, adopted the exclusion option and both are stumbling now, so Tunisia could face the same fate if it does not choose consensus among its political components.

The Nobel Prize for the International Crisis Group supported the consensus option, Ben Yunus said, adding that the Moroccan and Turkish models are good examples for Tunisia to follow.

Daesh claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s bomb attack which killed 12 presidential guards and wounded 20 others.

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