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Fabius: Assad responsible for killing 260,000 people in Syria

Syrian regime President Bashar Al-Assad is primarily responsible for the death of 260,000 people in his country and the displacement of half of Syria’s population, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said yesterday.

Fabius, who announced on Wednesday that he was stepping down, told Germany’s RTL television station that “the goal is to have a free Syria where everyone, regardless of religion and ethnicity has their own ideas. It’s almost impossible with Assad.”

According to Fabius, United Nations reports clearly indicate that Assad has committed crimes against humanity.

He criticised US President Barack Obama’s policy on a number of issues, accusing Washington of “make way for Moscow to intervene in many areas such as Syria and Ukraine.”

“Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people in 2013 revealed that the US administration was unwilling to intervene with its troops in Syria,” he said.

“The US president has drawn red lines, and confirmed that he will move, if chemical weapons were used in Syria, and we were ready for it, but America did nothing about what Assad has done, and then Putin decided to intervene in many areas, similar to Crimea and eastern Ukraine,” he added.

Fabius explained that Iran and Russia have become allies to the Syrian regime’s brutality noting that “Russia is targeting civilians instead of shelling Daesh.”

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