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Instead of Lebanon, Saudi Arabia gives billions to Sudan

Saudi Arabia has decided to donate $5 billion to the Sudanese army after it stopped billions in support for the Lebanese army, a Sudanese newspaper reported a government official saying on Tuesday.

According to AlKhaleejonlne.com, which reported the news from the Sudan Tribune, the pledge was made during a short visit by the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubier to Khartoum. He met with the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Monday.

The Sudan Tribune’s sources said that the Kingdom paid this aid to Sudan instead of Lebanon. Saudi Arabia said it was halting the military aid for Lebanon following the country’s failure to support the Kingdom in its recent row with Iran.

In the wake of the visit of his Saudi counterpart, the Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Ghandour said that a ground operation in Syria is “possible” as long as Sudan is part of the Arabic and Islamic “anti-terror alliance”. However, he stressed that is was very early to speak about the matter.

The Sudanese army has been taking part in Saudi operations in Yemen and the Saudi military exercises in the north of the Kingdom.

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